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Our Story

Our family-farm focuses on sustainable and organically grown heirloom cut flowers, garlic, vegetables and poultry.

Carah Ronan, a 5th generation Montanan, and her husband Zach Didier moved home to the family farm in 2021 alongside their grandmother. Focusing on rare and heirloom flowers and vegetables, our family’s goal is to bring local, fresh, long-lasting blooms and food to our community. We focus on sustainable, organic growing practices as well as regenerative agriculture to create a thriving biodiverse system that will flourish for generations to come. We honor the heritage of the generations of family that came before us to forge our way into the future.
I guess you could say the history, heritage, and hard work that comes from working the land is in our blood. We both grew up watching family farm. Grandma lived it first hand: from sugar beets and canola to meat and dairy cattle, poultry and the ever present backyard garden blooming with vegetables, flowers, and even giant pumpkins. Canning, drying, preserving, and learning how to use the best of summer’s gifts to last us through the winter. 
In 2021, the opportunity to leave big city life in Fort Worth, Texas and move home to live the life we dreamed on the family farm became our reality. We love this land and the rural lifestyle, getting our hands and faces dirty, growing enough for ourselves and our community, learning from Grandma and putting into practice all the lessons we had picked up along the way, and there will be so much more learning in our future. 
Carah has expanded her skills learning more on two amazing farms, Deep Creek Green in Paradise Valley and Camp Creek Farm outside of Four Corners as she pursued her master’s degree at Montana State University Those years spent with generous mentors have built upon the knowledge base that helps build the dream of full time farm life. 
Zach lives life with a mechanical mind and hands. His ability to fix, create, and orchestrate results in smooth daily operations. His gift to fix anything when stuff goes sideways is instrumental to making the farm run. 
Grandma keeps everyone fed and has been known to order bulbs and plants throughout the season to pepper through the gardens, as she says, “you know, something different”. She helps with building, planting, and harvesting but her favorite is finding shapes in rocks she picks up as she goes.

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